There has been a great amount said about what Barry Meguiar’s efforts have been within our industry, as he has indeed changed the face of car care for all of us.  We will start with highlighting that this man’s influences within the industry go far beyond car care and detailing alone.  This man took a mature brand and matured an entire industry within his leadership efforts of that brand.  This man introduced an entire industry to an entirely new audience.  He took a 118-year-old brand and company to be the leading brand in the minds of the consumer for cosmetic car care, while also being a leading education company for the professionals, both with onsite training and an in-house training center.  He has a global brand that is in over 90 countries. 

He led the company that bears his name forward in pad and tool use innovations including DA, Microfiber pads, and compounds.  His tree of former employees that are or have made a large mark in the industry is long, and their roots are tied directly to him. 

Not only has this man grown an audience within the car care and detailing industries, but Barry has taken his message of love, faith, and being an outstanding human to business leaders, political leaders, and spiritual leaders worldwide and has gained access to friendships that include the Vice President of The United States of America. 

Over the years, we've watched this man mature, not in age, but in giving.  Barry has fine-tuned his life through a message of passion, love, and inspiration.  Even during a father's darkest hour – the time in which the Meguiar family and an entire culture faced the loss of Barry’s daughter, Nicole – Barry kept his faith and showed us the power of that faith with his poise and love in this challenging time.  He gave all of us hope.