Ed Terwilliger has been a passionate promoter of detailing since the late 1960s.  He began his professional career teaching Auto Detailing at Buena Park High School in Buena Park, CA, in January of 1971 after getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Arts from California State University, Long Beach.  Ed was instrumental in developing the core curriculum for detailing used at Buena Park High School.  After teaching at the high school level for over 30 years, Ed expanded the curriculum from Buena Park and began teaching Auto Detailing at Cypress College in Cypress, CA, in 2000.

Ed has been a member of the International Detailing Association since its inception.  He was a member of the PDA (Professional Detailing Association) and the NAPDR (National Association of Professional Detailers and Reconditioning), which both preceded the IDA.  He was also a founding member of the SCPDA (Southern California Professional Detailers Association). 

Besides being a member of the IDA, he has his CD (Certified Detailer), SV (Skills Validated), and is an active RT (Recognized Trainer) for the IDA.

As an Instructor for high school, college, and as an RT for the IDA, Ed has been responsible for countless people getting their detailing start through his classes.  He is also a regularly featured speaker at many detailing tradeshows and events.  He has been a featured guest on the TV Show Car Care for Autogeek’s Competition Ready series hosted by Mike Philips, CD-SV, RT, on the Velocity Channel.

Ed organizes and regularly hosts detailing meet and greets for the IDA, which has had a great impact on recruiting new IDA members and getting detailers to sign-up for CD and SV certification.

Ed has spent his entire adult life as a “Car Guy” in the detailing and auto appearance industry.  He is a passionate and dedicated ambassador for the IDA and detailing.