Bill Phillips founded one of the original chemical companies in the detailing industry.  He began selling auto reconditioning chemicals out of the back of his station wagon in 1956 to help pay for college.  Since those early years, he and his business partners transformed their business into a chemical distribution and consulting company focused on improving the detail industry by offering high quality service.  They were a shining example of shared strong values and a dedicated work ethic.

The business changed through the years, and eventually Bill brought his sons into the business, which expanded into the chemical manufacturing and distributing company it is today.  With the help of Bill Phillips’ example, P&S Sales continues to change and grow to meet and exceed the needs of the evolving world in which we live.

Bill passed away in 2014, but his accomplishments are still recognized by the detailing industry, and his legacy is carried on by his sons Bob and Dave.  His style, spirit, and way of doing business has never been more present at P&S than it is in the way his sons now run the company.

Mr. Phillips is a recipient of the IDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2015).