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Follow-Up to COVID-19 Press Release

Tuesday, March 24, 2020   (1 Comments)

Dear IDA Professionals,

First, let us say thank you for your membership and participation in IDA!  We value you as part of the professional detailing community, and it is always our goal to help you and provide tools that may be of assistance to you.  As an organization, we are fortunate enough to have members with a great deal of detailing experience and information they are willing to share, so let’s gratefully tap into those resources through the IDA website and social media outlets and move forward as best we can.  We do ask that when responding to a social media post or comment, you please share information in a positive way rather than telling others how they are doing it wrong.  And please don’t criticize those putting themselves out there to offer suggestions, just use your own common sense to determine if a suggestion works for you.

With regard to the press release the IDA issued last week, it clearly stated we were offering that information as a tool you could use when working with your state officials or municipalities as each one has a varying definition of what is considered an “essential business”.  We would in no way want to put our members or the public in a harmful situation, or tell you to keep your shop open regardless of what officials tell you.  We also suggested you may use those ideas with customers – not to sell them on the fact that you can keep them from getting sick, but to understand how much time they spend in their vehicles, and that you can help keep those vehicles as germ-free as possible.  Certainly, when servicing vehicles in the midst of COVID-19, you must use appropriate safeguards as recommended by health professionals and varying governing agencies.

If you wish to continue operation as an “essential business” during a state- or city-implemented shutdown, work with your state or city officials.  You may want to begin with your state Governor’s office.  Here is a link to their contact information:  They have staff that will respond to all emails and calls.  You may ask what is considered an essential business, and, if Auto Repair is considered an essential business, you should ask if they recognize the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes.  Per this link, auto detailing is listed under Auto Repair:  Again, please understand the IDA does not have any authority to determine whether or not you are considered essential (to us, you all are); we are simply giving you the tools with which to approach your own government officials.  And, of course, our International Chapter members should consult their own governing bodies.

Just a thought on some crisis expense reduction recommendations.  If you are having trouble or anticipate you may have trouble keeping up (don’t wait until the last minute), consider reaching out to the companies to which you make payments every month to see what programs they may have in place to help so you don’t fall financially behind.  Some suggestions are: mortgage company, landlord, utilities, cell phone carrier, phone company (landlines), internet service provider, vehicle loan company, banks for your various loans, and don’t forget those payments and subscriptions you have on auto pay…yes, those you have set up so you don’t have to remember them.

First and foremost, please be safe.  We strongly suggest the use of proper, professional/EMS-level PPE.  You and your staff should not only be utilizing professional-grade PPE, but you also need to research how to properly use, sanitize, maintain, and dispose of PPE as well as proper decontamination processes.  And your prime source of information should be the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (  We further encourage you to evaluate the risks to your staff and their families, and ensure that you put their welfare before all else.

You are always on our minds as we work to help you and your companies get through this, and we will continue to offer suggestions along the way.

Sheryle Hazard, CAE
Executive Director
                                               DJ Patterson, CD-SV
President 2020 


Patrick M. Patterson says...
Posted Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Thank you for keeping us updated! I hope we can find a safe procedure to move forward as the information available from the CDC varies depending on the intended audience. I would think we should consider EMS level advice for cleaning and disinfecting. Guidance on vehicle safe chemicals and procedures are necessary.

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